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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Simple Stenciling

Good Morning ~ Glad to see you!  I am excited to share with you this amazingly simple technique using any inexpensive paper { LIKE JUNK MAIL!! }  and your favorite punch or die cut!
I learned this wonderful flash of genius from Angela Magnuson on her Unity Stamp Co. FaceBook  "Show & Tell" page. 

The concept is simple and the applications are endless!

Find a tag of the size you'd like.  If you don't have one just cut a rectangle out of a heavier paper [I often use junk mail card stock or laminate.  Who cares what's on it ~ Just cover it with your desired paper and you're all set to go!!] Punch a hole in the center top and lop off the corners.   Use your punch for this or free hand a straight or curved cut.  ( It really is that easy! )

Now for the stencil> take your scrap paper (again, junk mail works wonderfully) and tightly wrap your tag in it, creasing the edges making it easy to see the size & shape of the body of your tag.  You could also trace it and cut it out but for me the less work [on the part I'll eventually throw away] the better!

Using your chosen punch or punches cut through the scrap paper where you would like your "shadow" to appear.  You can then lay this home made stencil over your tag and simply rub ink or whatever medium you're using, over the openings.  To make sure nothing shifts before you're done it is advisable to tape down the tag and then the stencil.  Be sure your tape is the easy to remove kind and doesn't interfere with any of the stencils open areas!!

Waa-laa! That's it.  I think it took longer to type than to actually do!  When I stencil mine I like to add a little dimension by using 2 or more colors.  I use dense foam packaging, small sponges or cotton balls to transfer the ink from pad to paper and try to always start with a lighter touch and a swirling motion.  This way you can avoid sharp edges of color and you can always make things darker . . . .

Oh, I just love the instant gratification of this technique!!  Add a stamped image, some ribbon or washi and your beautiful creation is ready to go!  No additional coloring necessary 💜

For a closer look, clicking on the pictures will enlarge them!!


  1. Brilliant tags, love the easy stencilling, I have never tried it but will give it ago.
    Thank you for sharing with us at Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge x

  2. Brilliant CAS tags and great tip for stencilling love the circles of colour over the stamped images and the heart over the boy and dog
    Carol x


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