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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Autumn Scrapbook ~ Lift a Flap & Pull out

So much fun to be had and so many places to discover for poking in, hiding away special little items in this keepsake album . . . .

I am planning a small tassel or key... something to hang from the end of the little red tag.  

Stamp, cut and color ~ Lots of directions to go once you have your favorite elements ready!  This turned into an interactive "lift a flap"  with a surprise pull out!

Journaling lines decorate one side and the other is ready for a photo, group of photos or just left plain!!

    The lower corner decoration is also a little pocket for tucking in something fun.  I was thinking an oblong journaling card would be cute and appropriate considering all the photo space on this page.  It would also be a nice place to add a little poetry!

Here's what you find when you lift the flap.  I had so much fun using lots of different leafy elements and golden colors!!  Once it is filled with photos and keepsakes lots of these elements will only "peek" out, allowing you to choose just how much you'd like to show!

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Available as they are posted...

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Autumn Pocket Pages

Another great word ~ POCKETS!
Pockets are more inspiration for layering! I used matts of different sizes & colors, adding journaling lines to the back of a couple of them. 

I love the rich moody colors in all these Autumn papers!!  It seems that nearly any combination looks great together!  Nice because if you decide you want to switch one of the matts to another page ~ YOU SO CAN!!!

Add * Remove * Flip * Switch * It's all good!!

Here are links to the other Autumn Scrapbook pages in this little book:
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Available as they are posted...

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Friday, September 6, 2019

Classes and Workshops...

Hello!  I am excited you're here to check out the upcoming workshops!  Photos are intended to give you a good idea of what will be constructed during the class, taking into consideration creative license, personal taste and color preferences.
Please comment below, or PM me on Facebook to sign up for classes.  You are welcome to use PayPal (Wendy Falk) or just pay me in person :)  Payments are required at least 5 days prior to class and class sizes are limited.  If a class sells out and there is enough interest, I will schedule another class!

The Haunted Mansion ~ Stationary box and card making kit / Original Design by Wendy Falk

FEE:  $ 35.00   MIN AGE: 15yrs 


DATE & TIME: Tues Oct 15 / 1pm ~ 5pm

LOCATION: Enterprise Christian Church,  85035 Joseph Highway, Enterprise OR 97828

What will be provided:  This will be a 4 hour class.  You will be provided with a pattern for the stationary box as well as precut, black cardstock to assemble the project. Each participant will also receive 2 fingertip sponge daubers and 5 - A2 size (5 1/2" x 4 1/4"), folded white note cards and envelopes.  All parts and pieces visible in the photo will be provided.

What You are recommended (not required) to bring:  Because of limited tools - bringing your own cutter, ink, scissors/snips and adhesive will be more convenient for you.  Also, you are encouraged to bring any designed paper you would like used on this project.  A black base will be provided. 3 to 5 patterns of paper are typical, but you're welcome to implement your creative license with more or less!!

More about this project:  The box pockets inside of the Haunted Mansion are perfect for envelopes & greeting cards.  2 sheets of patterned paper will be more than enough to decorate the box, but if you would like to coordinate the note cards inside, additional patterned & solid colored paper are recommended!  After you've confirmed your place in class and paid the fee you are welcome to contact me concerning images!  I have several Autumn/Halloween rubber stamp sets that you may want to use to make embellishments for your card kit.  You are welcome to bring your own rubber stamping supplies or any other embellishment ideas you'd like to implement.  

This is a great gift or a fun motivation to make your own greeting cards! I'm really excited to share this workshop with you!!

Check out the "Making Backgrounds" class preceding this workshop on the same day, with a lunch break in between!

The inside & back of the box
. A quick PS: 12 x 12 paper pad collections in black & white are reasonably priced and versatile because they can be easily customized by dry brushing any colors you choose onto them!

This class focuses on making your own background paper through rubber stamping, heat embossing, dry brushing & the use of different coloring mediums

MINIMUM AGE:  15 years         FEE:  $10    


DATE & TIME:  10am to Noon Tues. October 15th

LOCATION: Enterprise Christian Church,  85035 Joseph Highway, Enterprise OR 97828

What will be provided:  Each participant will receive 3, 8.5" x 11" sheets of cardstock to be divided into a total of 12 A2 size card bases.  Participants are welcome to choose to make alternate sizes with the same 3 sheets of standard size paper.  To assist in the making:  stamps, ink, embossing powder, supplies for heat embossing, brushes and other supplies needed to complete backgrounds will be available to use.  

What you are recommended (not required) to bring:  Any personal supplies you particularly want to work with... ie. color/brand of heat embossing powders, color or brands of ink (Tim Holtz Distress Ink and Distress Oxide Ink will be available for use), blending brushes you're partial to as well as any rubber stamps you would like to use in a background.

More about this project:  This project will explore several techniques in making background patterns on cardstock.  If you are signed up for the "Haunted Mansion" class following this one,  this may be a great opportunity to customize papers for it.  See "Haunted Mansion" details above.  

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Something Feminine

No time for conversation today!!  But this card says it all, doesn't it?  I'm loving the soft colors and the speed and ease of making it.  Check back, I will be showing some "new" techniques I came up with!! 

PS Image is from Unity, embossed in multiple colors and TH Oxide inked background!

Autumn Scrapbook ~ Corner pockets: Squirrel

Really, just one word to share: LAYERS!!         

I will be posting the pages over the next few days ~ stop in & check them out!
          Autumn Pocket Pages
             Magnetic Envelope
             Recap & all the rest
Available as they are posted...
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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

DIY Clear Front Gem Holder

I am so excited to be crafting my new craft room!!  My daughter moved out after graduation leaving an empty bed room -  -  -  Well, almost empty!  She still needs a place to sleep when she is able to visit home, but in the mean time I have a place to stash my art supplies that isn't the dining room table!!

I LOVE to organize!  Seeing the colors and shapes I love displayed in an orderly way makes me want to use them (as opposed to the chaos of my dining room table!!)  I've never been able to see my little gems as I'm crafting so I seldom remember to use them. I pondered putting them into a drawer, or a little shelf. . . . . but I just really wanted to be able to SEE them!

Then the thought occurred to me I could make a clear fronted box for them that would take up very little shelf space!  Here's a simple picture tutorial of how I crafted it, using clear left over packaging and light weight cardboard (the kind tucked inside folded shirts) covered with my favorite colored paper!
  1. Determine the size of the box you want to make.  I used my largest package to measure for the width adding 1/8" to each side of it.  The 2 sides are identical and will be the depth.  Score each edge at 1/4" for connection tabs. (no worries about the 4th side of the box, it will be clear!

     2.  The sides of the bottom tray should be the identical measurement of the 2 sides + the back.  Add 1/2 " to the overall dimension and score each side at 1/4". Snip 1 side of each corner to make tabs and glue to make a tray. 

        3.  If you would like to add colorful paper to the sides of your project, now is the time to do so.  It is so much easier when the paper is flat!  Adding a second layer of paper also helps the box to be more sturdy :) 

       4.  Attach the 3 panel sheet from step 1 around the outside of the tray, bending on the score lines.  Glue/tape all of the tray tabs except the ones on the front where there is no panel yet. 

      5.  Cut the clear front exactly the dimensions of the back panel, putting it into place using the tabs from the sides and bottom to affix it into place.  I used 1/8th" Scor-Tape on the tabs.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Autumn Scrapbook

Kicking through the leaves. . . mmm!!  I love it!  The colors, the sounds, even the outdoor smell of Autumn!  
What a great season to journal!  Last year I began a small homemade book and although it's taken a some time, I feel it is complete!!  

A great place I think to add pictures of little Autumn jaunts with loved ones; the very best leaves the forest floor has to offer;  favorite poems. . . .

I adore "tuck-ins" ~ something so appealing about interactive pages

elements that allow for happy "surprises"

like pull outs, lift a flaps, pockets and slide unders.

I will be posting the pages over the next few days ~ I hope you'll stop in & enjoy! 
LINKS TO OTHER "Autumn Scrapbook Posts"  Corner Pockets ~ Squirrel
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             Autumn Lift a Flap & Pull Out
             Magnetic Envelope
             Recap & all the rest
Available as they are posted...

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Friday, August 30, 2019

Don't Mess Up!! Experimenting with Crystal Drops without commitment!

Just a fun and really quick tutorial concerning how I personally like to insure size and placement of my Nuvo Crystal Drops!!

The photos are self explanatory, but what's a blog without a little bit of text?!!!

Once my project is ready to accept embellishment I often place a thin, clear and super slick sheet over the top. (I get these sheets from the inside of clear stamp packages. Really only one protection sheet is necessary - to protect the "sticky" back of the stamp & keep it clean & sticky!!)

Then it is just a matter of messing around with dot colors, sizes and placement! On symmetrical projects like this one it was fun to turn the clear page 1 quarter or 1 half turn to see how the same dots looked else where!

When they look good to me I let them dry on the clear sheet and then place them on my project with a dab of liquid glue.  Insanely easy and no oops' like a large blob where a tiny one should be!!!

In case you're wondering, the background stamp is 1997 Stampin' Up! in white embossing over blue cardstock.  The White cardstock medallion die can be found on Amazon!!

Like a flash ~ Labor Day weekend is here!  I hope you find time to spend quality moments with family, friends and maybe a little bit of it crafting or just sharing someone else's craft that caught your eye <3


Monday, August 19, 2019

Butterfly Inspiration

Yesterday's butterfly post inspired me to try something a little different from my usual colorful butterfly projects!  This time I thought I would color outside the. . . well, butterfly!

I started with a beautiful sprinkle of flowers from a Unity KOM "Hey Girl" & repeatedly stamped it with iridescent embossing on vellum for a beautiful, sparkling background.  But here I am ~ trying to think outside of the box ~ so I put the background on top of  a single stamped image (in black) of the butterfly from Unity's KOM "Summer Collapsed into Fall".  The vellum is attached over white cardstock (cut larger for a white border) with double stick tape on the outside perimeter.

I knew the tape would show through the vellum, but I didn't expect it to show up yellow! Pretty!  So I incorporated it into the color scheme with the yellow-green card base.  The dusty lavender matt helps tie in the gray/silvery iridescence of the embossing. A soft wash of pink, blue & lavender under the vellum also helped it come alive without being too loud.

Live a Life Inspired sentiment is also from Unity Stamp Company! (Honestly, they have the best sentiments!!!)

If you would like to see my other posts featuring butterflies, just type Butterfly in the "Explore "Hi!" Notes" search box on the left!! To see more posts using Unity Stamps, type Unity, etc!!