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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Stripes!! Fun with Linear Stamps and Oxide Inks!

Oooooooh!!!  I am so excited to share this post!!  I have a love for borders and border stamping!  Inspired by a note pad that had stripes on it I decided to experiment with Tim Holtz's new Distress Oxide Inks and some linear stamps I found:

This was so rewarding!!  I'll let the pictures tell most of the story and although the results (by my standards!) are AMAZING these card backgrounds were pretty simple to pull off :)

I started with regular black or white cardstock from Stampin' Up! and painters tape because it sticks dependably yet still comes off without harming the paper. 
Once I felt I had as much variation as wanted . . . .

. . . time for the big reveal!!
Oh my Gosh!!  I think that they are great as is!!  These colors are GORGEOUS!
I stamped each series of lines separately so that I could emboss them in as many colors as I wanted!!  This was a great time to experiment with all those wonderful powders <3  I've decided I can't possibly have enough of these card backs on hand!!!  So many combinations and so little time!!

Then it was time to play around with inlays. My real motivation for doing the inlays was my reluctance to cover any part of that beautiful background!!  If I cut out the part I was going to cover anyway I could then use it elsewhere!!!  I will do a second posting that links back to this with the finished results.  I have some fun ideas and I can hardly wait to try them and share them.  Happy stamping to you my friends <3

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  1. Hi Wendy,
    Firstly I'd like to thank you for popping by my blog and your lovely comments on my Hues to Use cards and to remember the 'old' stamping days. Then I'd like to let you know how cool this stripey technique is using tape and then border stamps - your backgrounds are amazing, gorgeous colours and combination of borders.. think there'll be a border day happening here soon, thanks for sharing the photos. Check out my Christmas card using borders and sentiments - Cheers Robyn


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