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Monday, August 14, 2017


Spending the week at our local fair!!  I have the best job at our fair. I am the Small Animal Superintendant.  I get to see all of the cuddly critters that come in with the kids <3   

I love seeing each project and enjoy asking how they acquired them, their names
etc. It is delightful to see the kids light up when they talk about their projects.
What an amazing thing it is to be in a small town and recognize personal projects on an individual and personal level. From animals that weigh 1,600 lbs to others that are only a few oz! 

It is an exhausting week of animal shows,
 punctuated with leisure time spent walking around the static exhibits, admiring the extreme talent of gardeners, photographers, quilters, cooks . . . .  Creative inspiration is everywhere you look!!!!           

At the end of the week when all the shows are complete and before the awards show there are "Games on the Grass".  Three legged races, watermelon seed spitting, a water balloon toss & even Betsy Bingo which includes a grid on the lawn and a cow. . . . .

 Following that the local Future Farmers of America Chapters host a BBQ and then the stock sale capping off fair for another year! 
 I admit it ~ the small animals steal my heart, but the true joy of fair time for me is witnessing community; kids watering another's animal if they see a need, young participants offering onlookers the chance to pet a calf or cuddle a bunny.
      I think the true reward of fair is watching young adults help each other even when they are competing against each other. A personal story ~ a girl who made it to a Round Robin show.  She was a sheep showman but for this competition would be required to also show a pig, goat, beef, and someone else's sheep. Really quite an honor to be in this competition.  The problem, she is deathly afraid of the 1,400+ lb beef.  Teary eyed I watched kids she would be competing against comfort her and offer animals to practice with.  
So that's it!!  My country roots summed up in a post about the county fair!!  I would love to hear about events near & dear to your heart that bring community together.  Feel free to share in the comments or at "HI!" Noteson Facebook!  You're welcome to post pictures there too!!


  1. I love this!!! Little towns are so charming, and the fair is always a wonderful experience. I enjoy reading your blog, no matter what it is you post. It always makes me smile to see your art, whether in literature or crafting <3 :)


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