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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Prom 2017

💗Prom!! Just the word can instill dread in parents and send my kids shaking with excitement!!  This is my middle daughter's Junior year.  Her brother is a Freshman and in our secluded mountain town the whole county celebrates Prom with 1 dance location on one night ~ offering it to students from Freshman to Senior grades & 3+ schools.  (sometimes the turnout is still small!)
Georgia invited her best friend over to get ready with "us" and it sounded like we had 10 kids in the house and not just 3!!!

How I love these kids!! As the grown up, there were so many things that I saw humor in ~ & of course, I really wanted to share the chuckles with all of you!!

So First Up we have the girls getting ready:

Here is Jacob getting ready: 

He had his cloths laid out & now it was just a matter of waiting!!!!! 

Georgia decided she needed to document everything, including Jacob making his tie look good,

and of course proof that their breath was minty fresh!

(are you chuckling yet? Even now I'm still getting the giggles over it!!)

They danced like fiends!!! It turns out the girls didn't sit down once during the whole night!  When Mike & I showed up at the end of the dance kids were going by us saying "your kids are having way too much fun!" 

It was great!  They were still grinning the next morning at breakfast: (only 5 hrs of sleep. . . Church & Georgia was singing in the Palm Sunday Cantata 💗)

We got home from church about 1pm and here's my reward:

So much for the nap I had been dreaming of!! Oh, & one more thing;

What's this you ask?  It is one more glass, since Jacob wasn't sure which of the 14 they'd used was his!  I especially thought it was funny given the title of the book it was left by!!!!

Well, Blessings to you friends.  Hope you got a little smile from this!  I think I might print it out & slide it into their baby books - maybe later . . .
ps I am the dish washer !


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