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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Coming Attractions!

               I am so excited to share my next couple of projects!
The first is this crystal clear card front that I've made from left over packaging!  I set it on my plate stand to dry after I'd stamped it with this Unity Stamp Co. Sentiment & StazOn Ink - and WoW!!  The picture does not do it justice.  It is beautiful just like that!  But I have other plans for it :) 

Can't wait to share the process. What usually happens is that I get a whole bunch more ideas as I'm making it so likely I'll do several!!!!

Also, I'm really excited to begin the process of making high school year books for each of my kids!!  Have you ever felt like your child was not represented in the schools annual?  I mean who doesn't!!  There is only so much room after all, for every single kid to be equally represented!  So I have been saving for a couple of years, photos of games, school projects, sports, extra curricular, etc 
I like to make my pages interactive so I'll be showing how to do lots of pockets, pull outs, tabs and fold outs!  I am so excited about finally getting this project underway!!  Here's a  fun page I've done for a client in the past  ~just to give you a taste of what's to come !! !! !!

Again, thanks for sharing your time with me <3 ~  Click for full size photos

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  1. This blog acc. always makes me happy! i love coming to look at all of the amazing projects you do, and being able to connect ith your farm life <3 your blog is deff a 10 from me ;)


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