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Saturday, May 14, 2016

You Are My Sunshine

Even the cloudy days here are beautiful.  Last night I went to bed after a long HOT day of work (I even got a little sunburn!) and this morning it looks like rain.  Still, the birds are making their beautiful racket and everything is a brighter shade of green.  Have you ever noticed overcast days are like that? It's like color enhancement, with a bright gray sky!

Here is a fun card to tell someone you're thinking about them on a rainy day. Again, the stamps all come from Unity Stamp Co!! (I swear they are my favorite!  They have new stamps coming out every week!! For links & more info. see below.)

I had fun with different cloud configurations, & wound up with 2 1/2 cards! I actually cut the stamp in half so that I can easily use it with the rain or without.  Cling stamps make it easy to do stuff like that because you can put more than one cling onto your block so it's all lined up before you stamp! I really lucked out finding the cute clouds washi tape at the dollar store ~ and the perfect color too!!  (click photos to enlarge)

I hope this post brings a little sunshine into your day.  Now I've got to go finish mowing the lawn before it rains!!
having fun with the card back and inside !!

Unity Stamps are all cling mounted and I have found they have the most reliable clingy-ness!  They are also made of deeply etched red rubber which I prefer for a really nice image every time!!

To make the sun peeking out from behind I used part of a set called Blossom Stackers: It's a huge set of various flower, doily, and plain circles great for building embellishments ~ and as it turns out, sunshines!! 
The sentiment stamp comes from their Itty Bitty line:  
I also used one of their brand new sets:   for the detailed clouds ;)
The faint lighter clouds were stamped from:


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