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Monday, May 16, 2016

Rain on Sunday

Good Morning everyone!!  I have to admit that the tulip photo was taken a couple of day ago in the sunshine, but I love the bright hope that it gives :) 

Currently it is more like this!!!  If you look closely you will see the line in the yard indicating that I Did Not succeed in finishing the lawn mowing!! My crazy teens decided that a thunder storm was the perfect opportunity to enjoy sitting on the deck!!!  I couldn't even get close to the screen door with the camera because there was so much rain coming in! 

As for Sampson, don't be fooled ~ he loves the water, & it was plenty warm outside!  He worked the sympathy card pretty hard, I couldn't stop laughing.  The final humiliation, I snapped this picture!! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Pentecost Sunday, celebrating the day that Christ rose into the heavens in Ever Lasting Glory.  We had a wonderful day of popcorn, movies, conversation and reading.  That's one of my favorite things about rainy days, no good for farming!

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