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Friday, July 15, 2016


I think that passion is an amazing word!  I love the deep emotional connection it implies when it is used to describe things.  For instance Love . . . . 
                                                                                                                . . . . or Hate

I know I can hate evil with passion or I can love chocolate passionately! 

Passion sets a soul on fire and that's what I tried to do with this card. The words "Passion Changes Everything" is so true! You can go to your job everyday and do good, but when its your passion, you can change the world. The task you are passionate about does not have to be anything large, it could be rather simple.  Purple is a passion color, and so I used it to add boldness to my card, and make an impact. I used orange & hot pink on the flowers to add a sense of vibrancy and light, because when its your passion, it shows. Card making is a passion of mine, and seeing an amazing creation really gets me excited. I love playing with the colors and testing different embellishments and cuts that I have never tried before. Often, we forget that simplicity can make an impact as well, and I felt that the white space I left really made the statement pop. instead of having your eyes travel around the entire card, they are drawn right to the sentiment.

Some FYI on making this card :)  Supplies will be listed below.  To begin with I stamped the sentiment in Black Versafine ink AFTER stamping it off twice on scrap paper, the third stamping was the shade I wanted.  I then stamped and embossed the flowers over the top allowing the scooped shape of the flower stamp to cradle the top line.  After water coloring (on regular paper) the flowers and stems with Zig Real Brush Water Color Markers, I decided the "Everything" didn't show up as much as I wanted. 

To get a second stamping that was exactly where the first was I used a Stampin' Up! Stamp-a-ma-Jig.  To be sure that the second inking didn't mess with the "passion changes" part of the sentiment I covered it with tape before inking the stamp.  I also  used a deep purple instead of the black.


 After it was inked and the Jig was set properly I pulled off the tape and stamped.  You can see that I save my tape scraps for pinning down my project so they don't move as I position them with the jig !!! My Big Shot is covered with scraps too!


Floral Stamp (30% off this week at Jo~Ann Fabrics this week)

I would also like to give Georgia Falk a big THANKYOU!  for writing the entire second paragraph!  She is a literary genius!

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