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Friday, July 22, 2016

Using Multple embossing powders

I LOVE my nautical stamps so much !!
I thought this would be the perfect project for a technique I made up.  I don't know if this is something others have shared, but I have messed with using multiple embossing powders on one project and I thought I would share how I do this with all of you !!

I have used this technique on many shapes, always starting from the outside in, but with the introduction of the MISTI stamping tool this is now much easier as you can color only certain parts, emboss, re-stamp and emboss again. The only problem I have with this is the reheating of what is already embossed, overlapping the "re-ink & sprinkle" stage AND not everyone has a MISTI !!

After choosing the image you'd like to stamp and heat emboss, choose the colors of embossing powder you'll be using and a scrap paper for each one to catch the excess powder. A lot of you use your powders from a small tub and spoon it over your project and this works ideally too.  I just don't have that kind of quantity in my colored powders!

Right is a photo list of the products used :)

I heavily recommend using an antistatic "embossing buddy". I got mine from Stampin' Up! but I'm sure they're sold by most paper craft retailers.  It is a little pillow full of corn starch I think, & tapping and rubbing it across any surface that will come in contact with your embossing powder keeps the powder from sticking where you don't want it.  I also use a small paint brush to remove any spots that I don't want showing up.  (The Embossing Buddy makes this nearly unnecessary)

I did use my MISTI to stamp, but an acrylic block would have worked the same for this technique.  Prep the paper with the anti-static Embossing Buddy.  Also prep the papers used to catch any spillage when using powders or glitters. This will make it lots easier to conserve every drop of unused powder.

I like to have it all set up in the order I want to use the powders with the lids off so that I can move quickly before there is a chance of spots of VersaMark drying out & not holding the embossing powder.  After I mounted the stamp in the MISTI with the paper held in place I inked her up with VersaMark clear embossing stamp pad. If you're using a MISTI you can do this step twice to insure a really nice coverage.  Just stamp your image and then ink up & stamp again without moving the stamp or paper.


Now for the quick part.  I sprinkle the first powder on out side edges of the stamped (mostly invisible) image.  Shake off onto the paper underneath remembering that where ever you allow the powder to flow - as it leaves the image  -will be coated & embossed in that color.

The first sprinkle of Powder-copper, poured off
direction of the corner so no powder touched
other areas.
Below is the second sprinkle - Gold
Go to the next powder color & apply to the next outside edge or up against the first color.  Shake off the same way, kowing that what it flows across (except for the already covered area ) will attract and be embossed as this second color.  I used gold, copper and deep green. Shake this off and so on.  You can repeat colors, or what ever.  If you wanted one color in the center only you would leave that space untouched until last and then when you shake it off it will mostly pass over the already coated areas & leave that color only on the patch of unused VersaMark. 

The original image now completely covered with
embossing powder, but not yet heated.  Now is 
the time to gently brush away stray particles
that you don't want marring your image. 

Each color of powder should be nearly free of foreign color (I do this a lot & have noticed no contamination) & can be returned to it's own bottle by lifting and funneling it with the catch paper.

Heat the image as usual until all of the powder changes it's texture from a dull powdery look to a nice high gloss, raised image.

After you've done it a couple of times it is really quite quick and easy and I think the results are stunning :)

I hope you enjoyed this idea & tutorial, I will be adding another how-to on creating  sparkle in ANY embossing image without having to purchase a bunch of different embossing powders!!!  Also keep watching for my completed Mermaid Project !!

PS After I was finished with the image  & before I heated it, I passed a sprinkle of gold over the whole thing. Only tiny bits stuck here and there & I really like the effect.  Experiment! Have fun!!


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