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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Label's for Homemade Gifts

Hello everyone!  I'm sending out more Christmas Greetings!!  I hope you had a wonderfully refreshing and relaxing holiday season.  BUT !!! If that didn't quite happen and you're Christmas season was more like mine {Busy beyond belief with no time to think!!}  then you may be left in the backwash wondering where the time went and realizing that you've forgotten a friend or two! 
Well sisters, it's not too late and without feeling like you're running that frantic race, here's an idea to help you spend some quiet time crafting and even "cooking" alone or with someone you love (kids will really love surprising someone with this after Christmas gift idea).

The gift idea I've implemented for years is the warm hug of Gourmet Cocoa on a chilli Winter's day!  Here's how I do it ~ it is so fun and relaxing & because it is post Christmas there is no pressure to have it delivered "on time".  Recipients will just love that they've been thought of for no "reason!!"

For the jars I use anything with a lid!  I also really like glass because you can see the chocolaty goodness inside! I've used left over jars of all different shapes and sizes.  When I'm lucky enough to come across cute decorative jars and snap them up (like these!)
I like to make up names for the mix
and use a couple of circle punches
to add a label to the top. 
I use a simple (& really old) Word program to print out labels in the
fonts I like.  I print them on card stock and cut them out as needed

Add an extra layer of warmth by rubbing the edges of all of the tags with antique colored ink.  I also think for a brighter, more modern look colored inks would work great.

The Snowman Soup Stamp is a garage sale find, but I'm sure you could print out the same thing using the font you like best - & in a size that fits your jar. Click the photos to enlarge if you'd like to use the poem.

Punch or die cut labels and stamp with something Wintery and good! I think the options are endless.  Base it on how much time you like spending with your rubber stamps and coloring, which of course is an option & not a requirement!

For my labels I mostly used a straight
edge cutter leaving extra length which
I then inserted into a punch.
Ta-da! Custom shapes!!

When gluing together the labels for a curved
surface, roll and bend them AS THEY ARE
DRYING. They will stay on the jar much
better and won't pucker when you go to
bend them later
Layer as many or as few of labels and "dangles" as you'd like.  Then top off the whole thing with a strip of fabric as the ribbon.  I love the way the unfinished edges fray.  Regular ribbon works great for this too.  I just like the more rustic look!

For inside the Jar. . .  If you don't have a secret family recipe for the cocoa, feel free to use a purchased cocoa and "specialize" it by putting it in a blender with something yummy. Crushed hard candies like peppermint, cinnamon, or a tablespoon of Jello Pudding in flavors like caramel, vanilla, etc make the cocoa unique & customized. 

Your friends and family will love this warm winter hug, great for giving even past Saint Valentine's Day!

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