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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Clearly Beautiful ~ Anything Goes PIP Challenge!!

This image is an example of laying out all of
the pieces to see how they might work together.  

Hello & welcome to the 10th week of the new year!!  It is time for PIP Challenge #1810 and your chance to win $12 of fun stuff (you choose!!!) from this week's sponsor Di's Digis!!

I invite you to follow the link RIGHT NOW to check out all of her fun, digital stamps!! Lots of adorable kids & critters!  
Today's inspiration card is a result of one of my FaVoRiTe techniques!  I keep all of the rigid, clear & flat plastic from different containers and then use it for card fronts! Butterflies are on my mind as I'm longing for Spring days!  Check out my favorite Card using this technique HERE! 
Cut the clear window piece to size and leave a tab to attach the card back.  Then just have fun adding die cuts or fussy cuts covering the adhesive on the inside of the card with the same die cut !

      I used the white die cut piece for a quick note & signature.  The inside was embossed and rubbed with ink & I layered the decorative pieces to either hide or peek out of the front panel of the card.  

Incase the sender wanted to write a note I left the back blank and used a piece trimmed from the inside and an extra butterfly!  I thought with a cute sentiment this could be a CAS card front by its self!!
Here it is completed & closed.  See how the flowers are layered and the inside sentiment is hidden!  These are simply so much fun, plus they are flat and mail just like a regular card :)


  1. Wow! This is stunning! Love how it all came together!

  2. I was just going to say exactly what Terri W. just said!! Beautiful! Nice blog details too!

  3. O see two already said part of what I was intending to say...Great minds situation? I also want to say I am bookmarking this post so I can re-read while I attempt this technique (hoarder of all things plastic and flat). Stunning!

    1. Hooray Birdie!! I'm so glad :) These are beautiful and addictive. I linked another one I did, it's actually my favorite one! I have another post coming with a second great use for recycled plastic sheets, so if you have a lot - & LOVE collecting stamps- you might like it ;) have a great week <3

  4. Sorry, auto correct issues. Should say I not O. 😖

  5. Beautiful ... and I to hope butterflies and Spring are on the way!


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