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Sunday, June 11, 2017

MHK & Coloring Digitals BEFORE PRINTING!!

Welcome to another fun Inspiration card for PIP Challenges!!  Our sponsor is MHK Designs & wow, do they ever have some great digital images!!  Stop by & check them out, they have great prices and you can get started within minutes, no waiting for the mail!!!
MHK generously provides the digis for our design team to use and I am in LOVE with their butterflies. 
As I have said in the past, I am kinda new at digis and I enjoy experimenting so I decided to  try coloring them before I printed them!!
Wow, it is really fun and addictive! I also used a "colored pencil" filter to change it up a little.  I really can say that I had a lot of fun with this!! Click the selection tool and select the areas that you will have reflect the same color/hue. 

I used a sliding scale to change the colors in the adjust colors tab of my Microsoft Digital Image Standard editing tool. 

If I want something very intense and can't get it there, the trick for me is to "finish" and then reselect adjust color and continue to max out the scale until I get the intensity I am looking for. 

I colored each butterfly separately & blown up large so I could easily see what I was selecting.  When each was finished I copied them to a clean doc - sizing & spacing them to match each other.  Then it was just a matter of printing them (make sure they are far enough off the edge to use your selected die, etc.)

For the label shapes I used matching dies in different sizes. To make the oblong ribbon of paper I first cut the rectangle and then poked each end into the area of the smaller die to make the side accents. 

ANOTHER incident worth noting: I scribbled in the background stripes based on another card I made but the color turned out more intense and the marker left overlap marks instead of the smooth look on the previous card. 
The difference?  The kitty card was sprayed with Workable Fixatif which must give the paper a smoother texture that doesn't absorb color as quickly.  I think I may start using it just for that property (I originally got it just to "set" the ink on digis).

To finish  I thought I would make the inside reusable, so I added a note card for my sentiment and/or handwritten note. I put it there with adjustable adhesive on the note card only, then the recipient could reuse the card if she chooses (& who wouldn't !!!!!)

Don't forget, click here to make any order requests on the "HI!" notes Facebook page!!


  1. I love that you digitally colored your images. I haven't tried that yet, but will have to give it a go at some point. TFS!

    1. It is addictive kReN!! I think you will love it. When you need a card fast you can have a library of pre-colored digis to size and print quickly. It is so rewarding!!!


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