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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Jewel Picker 101 🏶🏶 DYI 🏶

I have been watching with envy all the 'professional' paper crafters picking up delicate pieces and precisely placing them using an amazing tool with a tiny, tacky tip.  Unfortunately, the one I would like to have is over $30!!!! Others I have read reviews on complained the tip didn't last.

If you've read my post on turning wood mounted stamps into cling stamps then you know I have fallen in love with Aleene's TACK-IT Over & Over repositionable adhesive.  As I was making some glue dots with it ~ it suddenly occurred to me that it could be used on the end of any pointed object as a jewel picker!!!  I used a "Sheezley" tool for ceramics but you could use a toothpick (disposable, no storage!) a dried up pen with a cap to protect the sticky, etc!

Here you can see the completely dried blob of glue I put on the tip. It is super tacky and picks up even the tiniest bead with only a gentle touch.  I have even used it to clean some flecks of embossing powder off a project before heating. It can get into tiny tight places where it is hard to use even the tiniest of brushes to flick away culprit granules.

Once the tip doesn't retain the sticky (I used it a LOT!) just pull it off and put another on.  Be prepared, it does take 30 minutes or so to dry, so it may be a good idea to have 2 of them so one is always ready to go.

Good luck, hope this will come in as handy for you as it has for me!!  🏶


  1. Love that blue but never would have thought of this! Genius!


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