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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

New Triple Layer Dies!!

Another beautiful Easter holiday has come & gone!! Wow, time waits for no one!  But what a great week it was.  Our school usually doesn't have the kids out on break during Holy Week so this year was an exciting exception. Another great exception was the weather. Usually AWFUL for Spring Break this year it was lovely, they went for runs (prepping for track season!), and played with the new calf outside!!

Me?  I had to work!! But it's only part time so I still got to enjoy their wonderful, young and energetic presence!!  I also had time to try out a new die set❣  I used Easter-y colors to make Easter cards! The ones I didn't use I will be able to make a quick Spring Birthday, Get Well, Thank You card, etc 🙂

Aren't they great!!  Super simple, fun and fast!!  Just a matter of die cutting and layering.  I used spray adhesive to quickly get an all over adhesion. 
HERE'S A TIP: if you would like to have glitter show in only 1 layer without bulk & rumple then spray the layer you want it on FIRST!(ie before other layers), layer the one on top of it to stick, THEN put glitter in the holes and work it in a little with a brush or finger tip.  To have no sticky residue (& no glitter)  be sure to always spray the top layer first (on the back of it) and work your way down in layers.
Just to help you get started with color ideas (I sometimes used only 2 layers to show more of the lower color) 
They are so pretty in person!  If you have any questions I'll be happy to get back to you ;)

Don't forget to make the back pretty!!

This is so much fun.  I cut several colors out of each layer and then messed with layering them up after I was done cutting.  I still wound up cutting a couple of extras as I had color epiphanies all along the way!!



Since I didn't want to cover much of the card fronts, label style worked
well for me.  I think gems or 
Nuvo Crystal Drops would also have 
added a beautiful dimension! Alas, I was in a hurry to have them done and given away!!

I love these sentiments!!

He Has Risen Indeed!!

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