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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Converting Wheel Style Stamps

Just a  fun quick note about stamping in multiple colors and how to use wheel stamps as clings or even wood mounted stamps!

First I find the seem where the rubber stamp meets its self on the roller & carefully peel it off of the plastic.  I then mounted it to a piece of cling foam, (permanent stick on 1 side cling on the other) or regular mounting foam (sticky on both sides - one side for sticking to the rubber stamp and the other side for permanently sticking to your wood block or other type of "handle"). 

Then I just trim carefully around the image with tiny sharp pointy scissors.  Sturdy fly tying scissors work amazingly.  Another little side note:  I always angle the scissors just slightly so that the foam side of the stamp is a little bigger than the rubber its self.  If you undercut the stamp there is nothing there to add pressure when stamping and you'll run the risk of a frustrating, tpartially stamped image!

Previously a roller stamp, now mounted on the
MISTI & colored with Stamp & Write Markers
If you do not have the mounting foam it is fine to just use it as it is.  It may be a little more tricky to get a consistently clear image when stamping with larger designs because it is so flat.  Stamping on a hard foam base helps this, also a MISTI stamping tool helps because you can check where the impression is and re-ink  or apply more pressure to that area and re-stamp without getting a blurred image. 

To mount stamps that are just the rubber to a handle I use double sided tape.  It works great & after several uses I just peel it off the handle and add fresh tape. This way the stamps take up very little space and you only need a couple of sizes in handles or a MISTI !!

Mounted, colored & ready to stamp.  The magnents keep the paper from moving so that you can reink and
stamp again for deeper color or to add different colors over the same area
Great Results, I did stamp these colors & edges I originally missed

 LOVE this candle stamp that used to be a Stampin' Around Wheel from Stampin' Up!  I mount it in the MISTI and color each candle differently.  I planned to fussy cut these so I stamped them on a piece of scrap cardstock.  Then able to stamp & restamp the areas where the ink wasn't as intense as  wanted.  It's also great to layer color like in the flame.  Stamp first the light background, then add the wick or "hot spot" & stamp again. 

I have never needed to use these stamps as rollers on long length projects, but if you decide you need to it is a simple matter to take the raw rubber stamp (not mounted to ANY foam) and wrap back around the roller with double stick tape to use that way.

PS I was having a lot of fun with Angie Girls from Unity Stamps.  If you like them check out at


  1. I have 2 of those wheels and no holder, It never occurred to me to unmount them, thanks for the great idea! I am so glad I found you!


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