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Friday, October 28, 2016

Creating Custom Plaid Papers

Have you noticed with the onset of Fall all the new plaid papers that are coming out?  I am one of those people that is crazy about plaids. I just LOVE them!! Unfortunately I rarely am able to find papers that are not only the colors I want but also the pattern of plaid I like! 

If you truly love stamping (like I do!!) this might be the time to start making your own plaid papers.  The following is a picture tutorial on creating your own  designs. Click on the pictures to enlarge them & make reading the notes on them easier.

Also, unless you plan to make your lines with a ruler, or free hand, you'll want a "plaid builder" stamp set. I'm sure there are many out there.  Here's one of the sets carried by Papertrey Ink

The stamp set I am using is Retired (Long ago!) by Stampin' Up!

To make your lines evenly apart make incremental marks at the top, bottom & sides of your paper and line up with the stamp lines on the imaging sheet. Once your first lines are in they become your guide to the next stamping lines.  If you need to extend the size beyond the size of your stamps the best way to keep there from being a line across your finished work is to stagger up & down your original lines so that the stamped connection is scattered through your piece.

I extended the length of the stamps above as an after thought. You can see how I ended all of the edges in the same line.  Although careful as I stamped the line becomes more apparent. Staggering where the end of the stamp falls would eliminate this linear distraction

If you aren't sure how far apart or what colors or line patterns to use making your plaid, find one you like. . . . in a book, on line, maybe your favorite blanket or shirt.  Have it nearby and stamp the elements from that as you go.  It's limitless how many ways & colors you can stamp them!  It is also a good idea to identify & use the colors in your favorite papers.  Then they are always sure to match!

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