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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Time for Plaid Madness!

Well, hello again.  Thought I would do a quick and fun teaser post.  I don't know what it is about plaids but I can't get enough!!  I really enjoy creating them too!  For more on how to made your own click ~ HERE

I keep my eyes open for linear stamps just for making or accenting plaids!  This set from Deep Red called Grunge Borders & comes as one rubber sheet.  They are very close to each other so I was afraid scissors might not cut as straight & smoothly as required.  Solution, Exacto knife, straight edge and a cutting mat :) I had to score the line several times until I had cut through all of the layers, but it was easy and wow!!  Look at those straight lines :)


  1. Exacto knife... I'm not allowed to use them as tend to grip the blade and not know it 😩. I probably would have left whole and taped off what I wasn't using... I go through a lot of tape 😂.Great cutting!

  2. love how you plaid bkg turned out....looks wonderful!


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