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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Little Taste of Spring

Well, I was chopping wood today and I realized that more of my time and energy was spent trying to pull the maul out of the wood than in actually swinging and chopping!!!  Don't you hate it when it gets stuck in the log like that?!!  Still, I was wearing nothing more than jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt and the fresh air felt really good.  Hard to believe just a couple of weeks ago the temps had been sub zero for weeks on end.  As I breathlessly tugged  and torqued on the maul handle, even trying to leverage it out of the dense wood it was buried in - yet again - it occurred to me that I would soon be feeling sore in places I forgot I had!  Oh well, the chance to be outside was just too enticing & I love to hear my hubby whistle in appreciation at the amount of wood I get done.  I'll think about consequences later, when I'm trying to turn over in bed tomorrow morning!!!

Like the rest of the USA, weather here in the Pacific NW is a little crazy!! 

We went from This

~We call this the lamb shed or chick house ~
Winter babies with no mommies grow up here
To this within about 48 hours!!!
I think I could be playing the fool, because it's mid February and it feels like Spring!

I also took some time to look around at all of the wind damage.  Ugg!  The barn door is shredded, along with a few other things.  Even the glass blew out of my patio table (but hooray! It didn't break :)  The lawn is covered with limbs and branches . . . . .wreath ideas start going through my head . . .

Are those buds?? !!!!

Then my son comes  strolling by with our 2 bummer lambs  bouncing along behind him. Oh my gosh!  His rubber goulashes, shorts, his funny smile ~ my heart is bursting with gratitude, love & the hope of Spring! Normally another 3 months away. 
Airborne! I should have videoed it. They are so spunky and cute, still shots
just don't convey the joy like watching them play & chase Jacob
Pussy Willow buds just peeking out. By
Easter they're usually 3/4 inches of furriness

  I am hoping that this little glimpse of new life puts a smile in your heart and helps to remind you that in the depths of Winter. . . this too shall pass. 

 I actually started this post a couple of days ago.  Not surprisingly all of the wood that I split is under a fresh blanket of snow!!  But the lambs don't care, they're up and dashing around until their tummies are full of milk and they snuggle down in sweet smelling hay under their heat lamp, utterly content. 

PS Yes, I am incredibly sore!! It's worth it though and as soon as the air is warm again (that's about 40/50 degrees) I'll be out there in my t-shirt reawakening my sleepy muscles!!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Day 5 Growing in Unity ~ Time's Up!

Good Morning All!!  Welcome to my fifth & final post of this Growing in Unity Week!  Thanks for dropping by to see what's on my craft table for today! Remember to leave a comment on each of the 5 GIU posts this week to be eligible to win $25 in random stamps from UNITY STAMP CO!!  Feel free to cut and paste the address link & share with all your crafty friends!
 ~ I will share names and links of the products used at the end of this blog ~


Since time is flying this week ;) I thought clocks would be a great subject.  I keep my eyes open for clocks at yard sales and discount stores for interesting frames.  The clock works can always be replaced if they don't work or simply left out if you love the look of round frames like I do. 

Carefully pry or unscrew the parts keeping the face of the clock protected & remove them.  I often use the original clock face in my project either by using it as the background or photo copying the numbers etc on it.  It is also the perfect guide to sizing the new clock face.

I like big images to put inside.  Today I chose Gypsy Warrior by Susi Blu

Oh my!  I love this versatile stamp!  I tried her several ways and decided on a brightly colored fussy cut version.  I have also in the past, layered in 3D fussy cut images. My advise is to always make sure that the raised images do not interfere with the movement of the clock's hands ~ if you're going to use them.

My first step is to photo copy the clock face onto inexpensive copier paper to experiment. Now I can stamp and manipulate without fear !!

I also use the MISTI so that I can preview what the stamp placement looks like before I stamp. 

Another reason I copy several clock faces is so that I can cut out the circle containing the second hand marks only and another with the #s too in case I want to copy them onto my actual card stock.

The water colored image is a great
example of photo copying the second
hand marks onto the water color paper.

You can tell that I like to do a lot of experimenting!! The size of the clock was too wide for my BIG SHOT machine (a great argument to get the super size one!!).  To use the embossing folder with the script to emboss the background I put my silicone embossing cushion over the folder and gently wacked it with a hammer.  The results were not consistent, but I liked the effect.  Another way I decided to add script to the background was to repeat stamping Unity's "You Are More Beautiful". I did this over the top of cardstock that I purchased already embossed, and it still worked beautifully!!  I Love the sentiment "Start Something New" from Unity also but I decided it was too big for the look I wanted.
experimenting with pearls
vs. numbers

Here are some more photos tracking my thought process just for fun and maybe some inspiration.  Once I get started it is hard to stop.  I now feel the need to run out and find some more clocks to revamp!!
Love this Gypsy stamp so much! Almost
went with her like this. So Zen I think!!

I finally decided to use this face with
beige pearls for numbers & seconds.
(I need to purchase more pearls!)
I heat embossed the images with brown

and then rubbed in pastel Gelato with
my finger tip on the flowers


Thank you for joining me all week! 
Don't forget to leave a comment on each day for your chance to win.  TWO WINNERS will be chosen and posted HERE and the FB Growing in Unity & Unity Show & Tell pages.  Sign up for e-mails to hear from this blog a couple of times each month ;)  Have a Great weekend