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Saturday, October 22, 2016


Oh my, do I ever love my green eyed kitty.  She grew up in my plant pots (literally!!)  Her name is October.  Her Mom is a Siamese with bright blue eyes & father was a blue eyed calico, Siamese cross.  We always look forward to the kittens! Not only precious, but the array of fur & eye color is exciting to find out!   

As my Autumn bulbs arrive and as I'm dutifully dividing my iris, etc. October's first kittens play in the dirt and chase the clods as I dig!  They get in the way of the shovel and walk all over my hands so that I can't see what I'm doing!!  I have to chuckle & often give them a squeeze (which also really slows me down, but oh well ~ such is life!)

One of the barn kitties hanging out at the house while I garden

October & her kitten enjoying the spot of dirt right where I need to dig!!

making small die cuts "pop up"

Hi !!  Wondering if anyone else has ever had trouble "popping up" an intricate or small embellishment on a card or scrapbook?

I know that in the past I've been frustrated by the tiny pieces of foam adhesive sticking to my fingers or having the pop up foam showing after my project was complete!!  Argggg!!

The solution is so simple, but it took me a while to figure it out!  Here's what I did.  If you've found an easier way please be sure to share that in the comments.  We all appreciate that!!

#1  Place strips of foam mounting tape, (if it does not have the release paper on both sides of it)  sticky side down on WAXED PAPER 

#2 Using the same die as the item you want to "pop up" cut your foam mounting tape!   It's that easy !! !!

BE SURE YOU DO NOT PUT THE STICKY SIDE AGAINST YOUR DIE OR MACHINE!  It must be protected by release paper on both sides or you will have a time scraping the adhesive out of your die etc!! 

For me, the wax paper works great as a release paper, it easily peels it off when I needed to stick it to my project.  I also found that I did not need the entire shape to make my image pop, so don't worry about perfection.  The beauty of it is that your adhesive perfectly matches the shape of your die cut :)  I also took a Sharpie and ran along the edge of the die cut adhesive so that the white (even though it is not sticking out) is less conspicuous.

A close up of my completed project ~ The Stamp artist is Phyllis Harris for Unity Stamp Co and the leaf dies are a Tim Holtz design for Sizzix
I decided to have a little fun inside the card too!!
Have fun making your delicate or filigree die cuts "PoP"!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Just thought I  would share some of the Autumn mood we have here on the ranch....

Often October is hot and dry but this year it is a little drizzly which, for me makes for a moodiness that I rather like!  It's somehow introspective and romantic!  I think I may start a fire this evening.  The dampness can make it feel so much colder than it is!  
Our Cross Country Team enjoying a Bonfire below the barn
Cattle in the hay field . . . . Must be Autumn!!